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Professional Skincare

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Classic Facials Are Great but More Is Better

We provide you with classic facial services tailored to your needs. Of course, regular facials are an integral part of your overall skincare routine. They keep your pores from clogging and as a result, can be helpful in preventing the appearance of blackheads. However, we have incorporated medical-grade ingredients in our facials to give you more than the superficial benefits. Our ingredients reach the deepest layers of your skin for lasting results and visible vitality.

75 MIN $145

Tailored specifically to your skin's wants and needs. Each facial is customized after a thorough skin analysis and consultation to achieve the results you want!

First step to skin revision. Includes skin consultation. DMK Enzyme Therapy + 30 Day at Home Prescriptive kit.

DMK’s world renowned, signature skin revision treatment designed to restore the health and natural functioning of your skin by Remove. Rebuild. Protect. Maintain.

Dermaplaning, Fruit Enzyme therapy, Extractions, High Frequency, Massage, Hydro-Jelly Mask, Correctives.

Microdermabrasion, Fruit Enzyme therapy, Extractions, High Frequency, Massage, Hydro-Jelly Mask, Correctives.

Personalized Facials with Active Medical-Grade Ingredients

If you want to maintain long lasting skincare results, you need to get professional facials by M.M. Skin. These facials use active medical-grade ingredients that penetrate deep into your skin and work from within. At M.M. Skin, we take it upon ourselves to serve you with only the best products with effective ingredients. Our experienced esthetician carefully selects the right facial treatment for your skin type, which ensures optimal results. Having professional facial treatments from M.M. Skin means that you get healthy, brighter, and beautiful skin without feeling the need for another facial only a couple of days after the first.

How Our Facials Revitalize Your Skin

When you visit us for a facial treatment, our esthetician welcomes you and provides a comprehensive skin consultation. Through this initial consultation session, we identify your skin concerns and type. After that, we recommend the best facial treatment for you. We aim to provide you with the best facials in Chicago that we have tailored to meet your skincare goals. The active ingredients that we use in our facials penetrate within your skin, stimulating cell turnover and production of collagen and elastin. With the exfoliation of dead skin cells, your skin appears brighter, healthier, even-toned, and radiant. Our facial treatments give long-lasting results that rebuild skin cells, protect and maintain its structure and appearance.

Book your appointment for personalized facials in Chicago and feel the difference yourself!