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At M.M. Skin, we have a commitment to provide you with professional modern and personalized skincare. With the increasing number of skin concerns, you need the most potent and active ingredients in your skincare regime, which not just protect your skin from outside but also rejuvenate it, internally. As one of the established skincare studios in Chicago, we consider it our responsibility to educate and guide you in the right direction about skincare. We provide you with a comprehensive range of cosmetic procedures, including facials, chemical skin peels, waxing, tinting, and semi-permanent lashes. We design and tailor these treatments to meet your skincare needs and address your specific concerns. We follow the highest standards of skincare, hygiene, and sterilization at our facility, delivering professional excellence in modern skincare.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring about a real positive change in the lives and skin of people through our professional-grade skin care treatment and products. We selected these treatments and products through our ongoing research, professional training, and innovation in advanced skincare.

Our Goal

At M.M. Skin, we do not believe in blind skincare. Our goal is to inform our clients about the health of their skin, skincare products, and the skincare procedures that they receive at our skincare spa. We believe that education about skincare is necessary to satisfy clients and make them happy with their skincare treatments.

Meet Our Skincare Expert: Marina Maliniak

When you visit any local salon or spa in Chicago, these places usually do not have certified and qualified estheticians but beauticians. They lack the necessary certification and training to advise on skincare and effective skin products, and perform professional-grade skincare treatments that use potent active ingredients. Unlike these salons and spas in local Chicago, M.M. Skin is proud to have a professional, certified, and trained skincare expert, Marina Maliniak. She graduated from The University of Illinois in Chicago with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business. However, she soon found that her real passion lies in skincare. She then joined the Estelle Skin Care and Spa Institute from where she received her certification as a professional esthetician. Marina worked as an esthetician at various medical and day spas to gain experience in performing different medical aesthetic procedures, along with semi-permanent makeup training. She educates as well as guides our clients through her extensive knowledge in innovative skincare and a variety of aesthetic treatments to help them achieve their skincare objectives, effectively and quickly.

Delivering Personalized Skincare

She believes in providing personalized skincare custom-tailored to the specific skincare needs of each client. As she holds deep insight and knowledge about skin and skincare concerns, she deeply examines the skin to tailor a specialized skincare treatment plan that suits your skin and goals. Due to her excellence in skincare, M.M. Skin enjoys a large number of happy and satisfied clients.