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Why You Should Use Serums for Skincare

Have you heard about serums?

Do you use any serum in your skincare regime? If you fall among the category that has no idea what is a serum, you are not alone. Even if you use serums in your skincare regime, you probably will not have the exact idea of what it does to your skin. To help you enhance your knowledge about serums and how they make a significant part of your skincare routine, here is a brief overview.

What Is Serum?

The serum is a potent skincare product that is usually in the transparent thick liquid form. It is applied to the skin after cleansing and before moisturizing. The skincare serum is packed with potent skin rejuvenating ingredients that are absorbed directly into your skin. As the molecules of serum are quite small, these penetrate deeper into your skin to deliver high concentrations of active skincare ingredients. Serums are great for targeting particular skin concerns like signs of aging, acne, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, etc.

Are Serums And Moisturizers Similar?

Serums are not mainly moisturizers but can have skin-moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid or ceramides along with other powerful skin revitalizing ingredients. They get absorbed in the skin, unlike the traditional moisturizing products that form a layer on the top of the skin.

How Often Should You Use Serum?

The use of serum depends on the kind of serum as well as on the type of concerns you want to address. Read the instructions on the label or consult the esthetician before using any serum. However, generally, one time daily is recommended. The rule of the thumb for using serums is to avoid its overuse.

How to Apply Serum on Your Skin?

After cleansing your face, take a few drops of serum, spread, and gently pat and massage into your skin until fully absorbed. Apply a moisturizer afterward.

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